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Integrity, Collaboration, Community.

These are our core values at Syringa Networks.

Core Values are nothing more than words on a page, until they’re put into practice. However, when a well-defined set of core values becomes part of an organization’s culture, they become a powerful and productive framework for the way an organization operates. Our core values of Integrity, Collaboration, and Community truly define who we are, how we conduct business, and why we do what we do.


Integrity at Syringa Networks means that we consistently apply honor, truthfulness, and high moral values to our actions, expectations, and thought processes. Integrity is treated as an absolute reference for everything we undertake. Our approach builds trust with our customers, partners, and the community. We apply this value at its highest standard, without compromise, and with welcome scrutiny.



Collaboration is also foundational to how Syringa Networks conducts business. We strive to develop long-term productive relationships with our customers, owners, and peers. Our collaborative approach results in highly effective and customized solutions for our customers, helping foster growth and success for all involved.



We value, and take part in actions that elevate the economic and social status of the places where we live and serve. In most cases, this means using our resources to cultivate job creation and wealth.  We also realize that true community requires that we devote part of our resources to select charities that create positive change in our communities.

When success matters, businesses choose Syringa Networks.

Why Choose Syringa Networks

Company, Team, Individual.

The way that we prioritize our decisions.

All decisions around our core values are prioritized against a separate hierarchy of company, team, and individual in that order of significance. This means that we prioritize decisions that are good for the company over those that are good for the team and the team comes before the individual.

So what does this mean? It means that we work collectively for what is good for the largest group of people. By maximizing what is best for the company, we focus on decisions that maximize the benefit for our customers, owners, employees, communities, and our service.

If you would like to join a dynamic, growing team and can embody these values, we encourage you to apply.

We are an equal opportunity employer.

When success matters, teamwork counts.

We partner with each customer to meet their unique business requirements.

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