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Direct Communications is the premier regional fiber optic network in southeast Idaho. We are a local, family-owned, independent Idaho fiber broadband company, connecting Idaho residents since 1954. Thanks to Direct Communications, even small rural businesses in southeast Idaho have been enjoying world-class fiber optic services since 2007, the same year we became the first company in Idaho to bring fiber to the home. We have a very long history of partnering with small towns in Idaho in building out telecommunications infrastructure to improve life for all residents. We constructed our first fiber line through the city of Pocatello in 2001, and for the past decade have carried much of the area data traffic for even much larger national providers over our regional fiber network in southeast Idaho. We have for the past 9 years been installing and providing fiber optic service to city buildings, anchor institutions, businesses, and residents in the towns of Aberdeen, American Falls, Arbon, Bancroft, Bloomington, Downey, Fish Haven, Georgetown, Grace, Lava Hot Springs, Liberty, McCammon, Montpelier, Paris, Preston, Rockland, St. Charles, and more recently, Pocatello, Chubbuck and Ammon. We are the local fiber network experts with the knowledge and experience you can trust, and the network you can count on.

As a locally-owned Idaho family-based business since 1954, we understand Idaho needs, and the challenges and opportunity facing Idaho business owners and residents today.


We are builders and pioneers, with a vision to improve the communications infrastructure throughout southeast Idaho by connecting businesses, anchor institutions, and towns, and delivering improved services via our state-of-the-art fiber optic network.

For example, we were:

First to provide high-speed Fiber to the home in southeast Idaho

First to implement a digital switch in Idaho

First to use fiber optic cable in telephone communications network in southeast Idaho

First to provide high-speed Internet to rural southeast Idaho

First IP switch in southeast Idaho

First to offer DBS satellite in southeast Idaho

One of the first cellular offerings in Idaho

Helped build the first and only state-wide fiber optic cable ring network. We are a founding partner of Syringa Networks.



To view an interactive map of our regional fiber network in southeast Idaho, serving Bear Lake to Rexburg and Ammon, and westward to American Falls, see Directcom High Speed Internet Coverage -



Service areas

Direct Communications is headquartered in Rockland, Idaho, which is a rural town 40 miles southwest of Pocatello. We have been a family owned business since 1954.


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